Our fleet,currently consists of cranes ranging in size from 17-Ton Boom Trucks up to a 350-Ton All Terrain crane, with all sizes in between. 

Our equipment is stocked with all necessary rigging, and we have other more specialized spreader bars, personnel baskets, concrete buckets, rubbish box, pallet forks, etc. available. For light hauling jobs,  has haul trucks with 48′ flatbed and single drop trailers ready at all times.

We are constantly updating & upgrading our equipment to be prepared to meet your every need.






Our crane fleet currently consists of the following inventory:

Bucket Truck 60′ Boom with Remote Fixed Basket
17 Ton 81′ Main Boom
26 Ton 103′ Main Boom
28 Ton 92′ Main Boom
40 Ton 105′ Main Boom & 51′ Jib
60 Ton
75 Ton 115′ Main Boom & 61′ Jib
75 Ton Long Boom 127′ Main Boom & 67′ Jib
110 Ton 168′ Main Boom & 59′ Hydraulic Luffing Jib
120 Ton 167′ Main Boom & 59′ Jib


Numerous trucks with 48′ split axle flatbed trailers
Haul trucks with 48′ flatbed and drop deck trailers

2 Man Hanging Basket
1 Yard Concrete Bucket
4′ x 6′ Rubbish Box
8 x 16 Mats