SEI has the personnel, equipment and experience to provide all facets of erection services for architectural and structural precast concrete.  Our proven track record with many of the general contractors and precast concrete manufacturers in our area has been the cornerstone of our continued success.



All aspects of a project, from planning and project mangement in the office to execution in the field, are performed in accordance with the standards and requirements of our Certified Erector certification from the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI).

All welding is performed by properly trained and certified employees. SEI enforces a mandatory 100% tie-off requirement for all employees when they are working at heights of 6-feet and above.




We have a history of erecting precast concrete for a diverse range of structures as follows:

  • Multi-story hospital  medical and professional buildings
  • Multi-story office and buildings
  • Multi-story hotel/residential buildings
  • Churches
  • Parking ramps